The Strategic Cooperation Meeting Successfully Held By Tangshan Lanxin Glass

2011/12/24 source:

The strategic cooperation meeting hosted by Tangshan Lanxin Glass was successfully held in Qionghai, Nanhai during 13rd-14th December 2011. Chairman Mr. Zhang Shanhua, the vice general manager Mr. Li Bin, and the chief of sales department Mr. Wu Guobao along with hundreds of clients from all over China attended this meeting.


Aimed at promoting cooperation, Mr Zhang Shanhua, the chairman of Lanxin Glass delivered a welcoming speech and briefly introduced operation situations and future plan of the company. Mr. Li Bin and Mr. Wu Guobao also presented a detailed report to the attendees.


Over the years, Lanxin Glass wins praises by its high quality products and services. During the meeting, Mr. Song Zuoquan, the general manager of Qingdao Chengye Glass was invited to speak, which he confirmed our good products and services.


During the meeting, the attendees also put forward some good suggestions regarding future plans of Lanxin Glass. We also actively engaged in the communications for sustainable development, which showed social responsibilities and lift up confidence for cooperating with us.


After the meeting, we also brought the attendees to visit the venue of Boao Forum for Asia. Our meeting has achieved a big success. Through this meeting, Lanxin wins more recognition from clients and we believe that based on supports from clients and our own development, Lanxin Glass will become stronger and gain more success in the future.

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